Monday, December 04, 2006

India's Best B-Schools - A Ranking

1.Indian Institute of Management(IIM) - Ahmedabad
2.Indian School of Business(ISB) - Hyderabad
3.IIM - Bangalore
4.IIM - Calcutta
5.IIM - Lucknow
6.Xavier's Labour Relations Instiute(XLRI) - Jamshedpur
7.National Institute of Industrial Engineering(NITIE) - Mumbai
8.Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) - Delhi
9.S.P.Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) - Mumbai
10.Shailesh J.Mehta Institute of Management, IIT Mumbai

The Common Admission Test, populary known as the CAT is not without reason India's best known MBA Entrance Exam. Out of the above 10 b-schools, as many as 6 use the CAT as the written test. A good percentile in the CAT can earn you an interview call from one or more IIMs, NITIE and S.P. Jain. If you have appeared in the CAT that just went by, on 19th December 2006, you will probably need a score in excess of 110 to get a call from the IIMs. Of course, one also has to ensure that the score is distributed fairly well across the 3 sections to meet the sectional cut-off norms.

If your target is the b-school located in the Steel City of Jharkhand, your entrance examination is called the XAT(Xavier Admission Test). XLRI's entrance test has a higher level of mathematics. It also has a 20 minutes essay writing part.

The IITs hold the Joint Management Entrance Test(JMET) for entry into the various management programmes offered by the various IITs and the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. As these programmes are meant for engineers only, you can expect a definitely tougher mathematics section. The JMET also includes a separate Logical Reasoning question. The coming Sunday (10th December 2006) will see the country's brightest engineers fighting it out for these premier techno-management seats.

FMS Delhi has its own separate test, whereas ISB Hyderabad uses the GMAT scores for screening candidates. The latter is open to students with a minimum of 2 yrs of work experience only.

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JC said...

ISB offers a 1 year course targeted mainly at people with more than 5 years work its unfair to compare it with the regular MBA course offered by the likes of IIM's & XLRI...
XAT no longer has GK section...

JC said...

IIM K and I may not be in the same league as IIM A,B,C,L & XLRI but they are certainly are comparable to FMS and definitely better than S.P.Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) & Shailesh J.Mehta Institute of Management, IIT Mumbai

Amit Bajaj said...

hi jc

strictly speaking, there's no 5 -year criteria for ISB and lots of people with less work-ex make it to Hyderabad. But that's true for a good chunk of the offers made by the IIMs also. my apologies for the XAT faux-pas, will correct it..thank you. As for the rankings, that's a matter of subjectivity, though i have tried to be as scientific as possible. One new & interesting parameter i have given due weightage to is "perception". The student-quality that a b-school will attract is ultimately a function of its perception by the various stakeholders - student, parents, training institutes, experts, peers and other influence groups. While you and I may rubbish a few places, a visit to a smaller town may be an eye-opener. By the sheer volume of their advertising, a few not very good b-schools have been able to create a very favourable impression in people's minds. Isn't that what matters the most ultimately?

My MD, Mr. Kamlesh Sajnani once remarked in jest that "the quality of a b-school is inversely proportional to the size of its ads". He may be right about it, but beyond a point, facts don't decide the future, perception does!

JC said...

hmm....From word of mouth I know that apart from ISB all other B-Schools listed here have a batch composed of at least around 40% freshers & offer 2 year courses, hence my observation

As far as the rankings go point taken...

Palanivel Raja said...
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Palanivel Raja said...
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Wribhu said...

I have been watching the fancy world of B school rankings for quite some time now. And frankly it doesnt or rather shouldnt matter much.
The hard reality is that B schools are taken as a career jump destination & towards that effect only the summer & final placements should matter. The placements in turn are a function of the kind of brand & more importantly the alumni your institute has. Hence younger institutes will only slowly move up the ladder.
ISB has been an exception coz it has a very powerful brand - given its tie-up with global institutes.

Anonymous said...

Well the credibility of the survey goes out of the window when you see the average salaries of business schools. E.g. IIM K ranked at 17 is shown to have an average salary of 8.4 L while it was actually 14.7 L per annum!!! . 8.4 L was an average salary in 2004!!. You know what data these clowns use.... Its sad that magazines stoop to such low levels just to get some popularity... Or for maybe for reasons better known to everybody.. Maybe its time we had a journalist code of ethics...

Anonymous said...

what will be the best college for me i have got 86 percentile in cat 2009 ? can any one answer please???????

Unknown said...

Respected AMIT BAJAJ sir,
please specify details of IFMR NO.OF INTAKE and XAT percentiles