Saturday, December 27, 2008

Learn A New Language

It's the age of global placements - you might be studying at IIM Ahmedabad but may end up taking up a job with a Spanish MNC. In such a scenario, if you can learn Spanish beforehand, itre can truly add vital value to your resume making it that much more attractive for potential recruiters.
Transparent Language is one of the world's leading providers of language learning softwares for individual learners as well as instiutions. More than 12,000 schools and colleges (USA) already use products from Transparent. And for good reason - while English has been and is still the world's dominant language of business, a good number of students are finding out that the knowledge of an additional language helps. Chinese, for example is fast gaining popularity because of the rise of China and its increasing clout over the world economy. If you want to do business with the Chinese, it makes a lot of sense then, to learn Chinese . You would stand a much better chance of effectively communicating with the business heads in Beijing, and which corporate house would not like to recruit an executive who can speak fluent Mandarin, or even understand it.
Check out the Transparent website and start with exploring their free resources - maybe you can get initiated by playing 'language games'. For instance, if your objective is to learn Italian, you can begin by checking out the 'Italian Games and Learning' section. Word Seek, for example, is a fun way to build up your Italian vocabulary.
There is lots more - if you are keen, head out to the Transparent site - spend a few minutes exploring the various offerings and features, and take it further from there.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

CAT 2008 Cut Offs - Overall & Sectional Cut-Offs

Expected Sectional Cut Offs for CAT 2008

Quant Section - Likely Cut Off: 33-34
Verbal Section - Likely Cut Off: 47-48
DI Section - Likely Cut Off: 29-30

Overall Cut Off for CAT 2008

You can expect an IIM call at a cut-off point of 125 or more, provided you also meet the sectional cut-offs. CAT 2008 candidates with a good academic + work-ex background can expect calls at slightly lower scores in the CAT.

* These are only predicted scores, and the actual cut offs as decided by the individual IIMs may differ, though unlikely to differ by a great margin.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Last Minute Tips for CAT 2008

All ready for the big day? CAT 2008 is less than 72 hours away, and with so much at stake, and the immense competition to face, you might fancy this handy tips - nothing great or earth-shattering about them, but helpful nonetheless.
1. Tell yourself that you can always write CAT 2009 or GMAT or that there is XAT 2009 to follow - it will reduce the pressure, the last thing you want to do is to crumble because of the sheer pressure that you exert upon yourself.
2. If there are sudden surprises, don't panic - Remember that the changes are not for you alone, each one of the about 3 lakh students writing the CAT 2008 will face the same changes. The few thousand who will cope best with the sudden challenges will be the ones getting the calls from the IIMs - give yourself a minute to think over, don't rush into things - plan it out.
[ Note: If there are sudden changes or the paper is abnormally tough, the IIM cut-off as well as other b-school cut-offs are likely to dip. ]
3. If you have been employing a certain way of going about handling the Mock CATs for the last few months and that way has been working for you, don't give up on it suddenly. What has worked for a few months and many times over should work today as well.
4. If you are from an English-medium/convent background, or have been good at English otherwise, listen to your gut-feel in 'Verbal/RC'. Don't forget that you have been a student of the language for over 14-15 years now, and chances are that your 'gut is giving you the right feeling'.
Don't overdo Point no.4 or if you are happy ignoring this point, that is okay.
5. No one knows the cut-off while writing the CAT. The previous cut-off are at best an indicator, which may or may not mean anything. So don't keep chasing an 'unknown' number. Therefore -
"Read the Instructions Carefully" - If it says like it always does, then allott approximately equal time to all sections. If there are some major or minor changes in the instructions, give yourself a minute or two to formulate a plan to go about writing the CAT 2008. Believe me, it will be a minute worth spend.
All the very best,

Saturday, November 01, 2008

MICA Admission Cut Offs | CAT 2008 | GMAT

For years it has been a suspense as to what the cut off for Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA) is - whether it's 80 percentile or 85 or 95? God knows how many times I have been queried about the sectional cut-off requirement for MICA. "Does MICA only check your Verbal Score?", somebody would ask. Yet others wondered if MICA had any sectional cut-off in the CAT for quant or DI or not. The suspsense is now over, and officially so.

MICA CAT Cut Off for Admission to the 2009 - 2011 PGDCM batch

MICA will shortlist candidates for the MICAT, Group Exercise (MICA holds GE instead of a GD) and the Personal Interview on the basis of their performance in the Common Admission Test ( CAT 2008 ) - Overall CAT 2008 Percentile cut off will be 90 and they will need a minimum sectional cut offs of 50 percentiles in both Quant and DI sections in the CAT. In the Verbal (VA) section that comprises Grammar, Language and Reading Comprehension, MICA aspirants will need to clear a minimum cut-off level of 60 percentile.

MICA GMAT Cut Off for Admission to the 2009 - 2011 PGDCM batch

A minimum GMAT score of 600 obtained on or after 1st January 2007

MICA aspirants can hence write either the CAT 2008 or the GMAT to get a call for the second round of the admission procedure. Unlike last year, MICA has removed XAT from its list of written test options.

Another Change in MICA Admission Process:

Unlike the previous years when all shortlisted candidates were called for the MICAT, Group Exercise/GD and Personal Interview, the 2009 - 11 admission process will be 3-stepped. Candidates shortlisted from CAT 2008 and GMAT will first write the MICAT, and only the candidates further shortlisted will be called for the Group Exercise and Personal Interview.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

IIM CAT 2008: Number of Applicants Up by 25%

sad smileyYou may not yet have realized that the downturn in the US economy may have a more direct bearing on you - it reduces your chances of making it to the IIMs. With the number of jobs in the markets drying up, the beeline at the B Schools has increased tremendously.

Compared to the 2,30,000 applications received in CAT (Common Admission Test) 2007, the number of applications for the 2009-11 sessions have increased by a whopping 60,000 to reach to a figure just under 3 lakhs. Last year, there was at least one new IIM in the form of Shillong to cheer things up.

In terms of mathematical probability, an IIM aspirant this year stands a meagre chance of about 0.6 % of making it to one of the seven IIMs (including the Rajiv Gandhi IIM Shillong and the additional increase of about 200 seats across the various IIMs). Delhi has now firmly established itself as the MBA Entrance hub of the country; IIM Lucknow which receives applications from Delhi candidates has been flooded with over 62,000 applications.

CAT Year No. of Applications
2009 2.9 Lakhs
2008 2.3 Lakhs
2007 1.9 Lakhs

However there are about 15,000 seats on offer at the many non-IIM b schools that accept CAT scores. Only a handful of them - MDI, MICA and a few more are any good and not much can be said about the others.
For a list of the non-IIM b-schools that are accepting CAT scores, you can click here.

It will be interesting to watch this trend next year if the Common Admission Test does indeed go online.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's your dream B-School?

You must have noticed the 'Dream B-School' poll on this blog some time or the other in the last few months. Already 1164 votes have been polled and we have decided to finally close the poll now, as we have arrived at a very unambiguous conclusion.

B-School No. of Votes
MDI 58
FMS 106
GIM (Goa) 28
XLRI 136
Other Indian 66
B-School Abroad 45
Total Votes Polled 1164

No surprises at all at no.1 - the IIMs are definitely India's most popular B-Schools. Little wonder that the number of CAT takers is now swelling to close to the 3 lakh figure. XLRI Jamshedpur was ranked no.2 in our poll with 136 votes. FMS was not far behind, ranked at no.3 with 106 votes.

The two specialized B-Schools, MICA and TISS together garnered over 12% of the total votes indicating a huge marketing for specialized Business Schools. 28 MBA aspirants showed their keenness to do their studies from GIM, Goa. Located on the beautiful Mandovi, the Goa Institute of Management is the most picturesque of the Indian B-Schools, and the ideal place to mix partying and studying. What was the most surprising was the lack of interest shown in overseas B-Schools. Less than 5% of the voters said they want to study abroad; an indication of the student community's faith in the booming Indian economy. But given a choice between Harvard and IIM Ahmedabad, will they prefer the Indian school? I have my doubts there.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

XAT 2009: Reach XLRI in 5 simple steps

How to obtain the XAT bulletin?
- Available at select branches of AXIS Bank on payment of Rs.800 ( 121 branches in all, how select depends on where you are - 3 options for the whole of north-east, 7 for Delhi alone. )
- If the select branch is not close enough, you need to make a draft in favour of "XLRI Jamshedpur A/c XAT" and send it to XLRI Jamshedpur.

Next steps:
1. Go to the XLRI website and fill in the online XAT form. You need to fill in basic details like the XAT bulletin no, AXIS Bank Branch Name, your personal info and you will be immediately issued your XAT ID and password. In case you just have a draft with you, you will be required to fill in the draft number, date and personal info.
2. You need to further furnish details of your applications to the other XAT associate B-Schools and once you do this, you can proceed to take a printout of the XAT Payment Advice cum Photo Form ( lovingly referred to by the XLRI as the XAT PP form)

3. Fill in the details asked for in the XAT PP form and since the second P is for photo, you will obviously need to stick one onto the form in the designated box provided. ( this b-school guys are not too emotional types, so no point in getting all nostalgic and sending that cute pic of yours when you were only 10; they deserve much less - send a boring looking recent pic)
4. Remember your visit to the Axis Bank? Let's hope you have retained those pay-in slips. (If not, wait for my post on the IIFT entrance.) Take out the 3rd slip ( I can bet a 1000$ at least half the guys confirm it with a friend/mom/sister as to which one is the 3rd slip, here is a hint: it's the one that's immediately after the 2nd slip) and put it in the special envelope given to you by the Axis bank guy. Don't forget to also insert into the envelope the lovely looking XAT PP. For those of you unlucky ones, far removed from an Axis Bank, please insert the draft instead of the pay-in slip.
5. This is the most crucial step, the one step that will finally bring you in direct contact with your dream b-school - Post that envelope. Let me add that the XLRI guys are not as uncaring as the IIM ones, in case you are late, you don't have to be dependent on the sarkari Speed Post only. You are even allowed to courier your application - wow, isn't it?!

The XAT is India's second most premier MBA Entrance Test after the CAT. Organized by the XLRI Jamshedpur, the exam serves as the entrance exam for various other B-Schools in India including SP Jain (Mumbai), Alliance Business Academy (Bangalore), Goa Institue of Management (Goa), Welingkar (Mumbai) and XIM (Bhubaneshwar).

XLRI has announced the dates and registration process for XAT 2009 ( for admissions to the 2009-2011 MBA programmes). Here are the important details:

XAT - Exam Date & Time:
Sunday, 4th January 2009, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

XAT Test Centres:
Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Baroda, Behrampur, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Dehradun, Goa, Gurgaon, Gauhati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jamshedpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nagpur, New Delhi, Noida, Patna, Pune, Raipur, Ranchi, Rourkela, Trivandrum

Last Date for receiving the application:
5th December 2008

Sunday, September 07, 2008

CATch 'em if you can

You might find this piece on a topic a bit deviated from the regular 'cat' and 'gmat' stuff, but then only four months from now I am getting married! Confused? Well, let me clarify.

Her name is Sashi and she happens to be a lawyer. Till a few months back, she was as interested in the management world as I was in the legal but things have changed dramatically in the past twelve weeks. Today, she knows what the 4 P's of marketing are and fancy sounding words like mandamus and habeas corpus are already enriching my vocabulary. And me being me, a google fanatic, I have started scouring for more and more info on her world. That's how I landed at the doors of an 108 year old institute called Rasmussen.

Remember the dramatic call- to- action line in those Army recruitment ads : "Do you have it in you?". Rasmussen's online criminal justice degree programme tries to raise a similar emotion in you - "There's no higher calling than keeping America’s streets safe." This degree programme can be your starting point for an exciting career in crime management in the US. You can go on to work as a Police Officer, Correctional Officer, Customs officer and in other similar areas .The programme can be completed either in the classroom or through a blending learning programme wherein there is a mix of online and offline classes.

Rasmussen College's School of Justice Studies ' programmes delve into several different aspects of the legal process. With a degree in criminal justice from this premier school, you can aspire to reach the top in your field of work. Besides this programme, there are a variety of different course to select from, depending on your areas of interest. For instance, if you love lawyers (like I do) and wish to be close to a lawyer always, you can look at the Paralegal Associates' Programme from their paralegal school minnesota. Of course, there is always a possibility that you don't want to be as close to lawyers as I want to be, or you may simply not be in Minnesota. Not to worry, just hop over to their website and you will find lots else to opt from, or simply call toll free: (888) 5-Rasmussen.

Institute Strengths/Good Points:
- 108 years of experience (yes, they began operations as way back as 1900, this month - September),
- flexible scheduling enables you to create a fit with your work life,
- Personalized Support.
- Another thing I quite liked is their easily navigable website, with highly relevant and easy to understand content.

Friday, September 05, 2008

CAT 2009 will be online...well..

Online CAT 2009 ? Will the CAT 2009 go online or will it not? The debate has been raging for almost a year now, and we are as near to a definite answer as we were then - only the pendulum keeps swinging, from one side to the other.

The latest swing seems to be in favour of the "CAT will go online from next year". Latest media reports suggest that the IIMs, " which had rolled out the process for inviting tenders from various companies for conducting CAT have already shortlisted four companies." (source: Mint, 5th September)

Notice that this by itself doesn't really indicate much about the nature of the testing method itself. What it does indicate is that the IIMs are seriously considering outsourcing CAT. However the nature of the organisations that have been shortlisted does point clearly in the direction of a computer based CAT.

The companies which have been shortlisted are
1. ETS Prometric ( have handled GMAT before)
2. Eduquity Ventures ( conducts the BITSAT)
3. Attest (An Aptech concern, it is into computer aided assessment. But it also manages traditional paper and pencil tests)
4. Pearson VUE (Virtual University Enterprises) - (they are into computer based testing solutions)

A few months back the IIMs had officially denied that a decision had been made to make the CAT a computer based test (CBT), much like the GMAT , from 2009. What they did say was that the IIMs were exploring alternatives to the traditional testing method. This official denial was prompted by media reports and statements by various CAT coaching institutes that the test was indeed going online from next year. Even then it had all started with the news of the IIMs inviting tenders from interested parties for conducting the CAT.

Once again there is no confirmation or denial from any authority at the IIMs though the Mint report does include anonymous comments from an IIM official. Well, you can never be sure about that - whether it is truly an anonymous IIM official or the creative imagination of a journalist!

Watch this space for more.

An online CAT doesn't mean a internet based test. It is actually a misnomer in that sense. What will likely happen is that the CAT will actually become CAT, which expanded means Computer Adaptive Test vis-a-vis GMAT.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

List of non-IIM B-Schools accepting CAT 2008 scores - II

For the List 1 of non IIM B-Schools accepting CAT 2008 scores, click here.

19.Delhi School of Professional Studies & Research
9, Institutional Area
Sector-25, Rohini
Delhi – 110085
Phone: 011-27062290

20.Department of Business Management
Punjab Agricultural University
Ludhiana – 141004
Phone: 0161-2401960-79

( The Punjab Agricultural University offers an MBA in Agri Business Management. Established in 1962, the University campus is spread across 580 hectares, and the no. of faculty members exceed 800 in number. Source: official website of the University)

21.Department of Management Studies
Indian School of Mines University (ISM Dhanbad)
Dhanbad – 826004
Phone: 0326-2296631

22.Dr.GaurHari Singhania institute of Management & Research
Jaykaylon colony
Kamla Nagar
Kanpur – 208005
Phone: 0512-2231417, 2232444

23.Department of Business Management
University of Calcutta
1, Reformatory street
Kolkata – 700027
Phone: 033-24499418

24. Department of Commerce, University of Calcutta
87/1, College Street
Kolkata – 700073
Phone: 033-22410071-74

25. Department of Management Studies,
Pondicherry University
R V Nagar
Puducherry – 605014
Phone: 0413-2655244

26.EMPI Business School
P.O CSKM Educational Complex
Satbari, Chattarpur
New Delhi – 110074
Phone: 011-26654422

27. EMPI’s Ajot Haksar Institute of Advertising, Communication & Marketing (AdCoM)
P.O CSKM Educational Complex
Satbari, Chattarpur
New Delhi – 10074
Phone: 011-26652373/2375/3927

28.Enterpreneurship Development Institute of India
Near Village Bhat
Via Ahmedabad Airport & Indira Bridge, Bhat P.O.
Gandhinagar – 382428
Phone: 079-23969163

29. Faculty of Management Studies
Banaras Hindu University
Varanasi – 221005
Phone: 0542-2307430/31

( The Banaras Hindu University (BHU) was established by Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya in 1916 and has for years been one of India's premier seat of learning.

The students to MBA/MIBA programmes at BHU are admitted through CAT conducted by the IIMs. Taking cognizance of its expertise and deep commitment to learning, the Faculty has been identified as one of the five Quality Improvement Programme Centres by the AICTE for developing and updating the teachers of management institutions of the country. )

30.Fortune Institute of International Business
Plot No. 5, Vasant Gaon
Opp. Army R R Hispital, Rao Tula Ram Marg
New Delhi – 110057
Phone: 011-26144319-20

31.Fore School of Management
B-18, Qutab Institutional Area
New Delhi – 110016
Phone: 011-41242424/26863396

32.Galgotias Business school
1, Knowledge Park, Phase II
Greater Noida – 201306
Phone: 0120-3272004, 3256832

33.Globsyn Business School
XI – 11 & 12, Block–EP
Sector-V, Salt Lake Electronics Complex
Kolkata – 700091
Phone: 033-40003600, 23573610-12

34.Graduate School of Business & Administration
Plot No-HS-02, Block-F
Sector Alpha-02
Greater Noida (NCR) – 201308
Phone: 0120-2320521-524

35.Haryana School of Business
Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology
Hisar – 125001
Phone: 01662-263111/263182

36.IFIM Business School
No.8P & 9P, KIADB Industrial Area
Electronics City, I Phase
Bangalote – 560100
Phone: 080-41432888

37.IILM Institute for Higher Education
DLF Golf Course Road, Opp. Suncity
Phone: 0124-4559300

38.Indian Business Academy
Lakshmipura, Thataguni Post
Kanakapura Main Road
Bangalore – 560062
Phone: 080-32961373

39.Indian Institute of Forest Management
Post Box No. 357
Nehru Nagar
Bhopal – 462003
Phone: 0755-2775716/2773799

40.IEC Business School
Plot No.4, K.P-1
Greater Noida
Phone: 0120-2326537, 2326665

41.IILM Graduate School of Management
16, Knowledge Park-II
Greater Noida – 201306
Phone: 0120-4029318/4029300

42.IMRT Business School
Management Park, Vipul Khand-6
Gomti Nagar
Lucknow – 226010
Phone: 0522-4066823,3206771

43.Indian Institute of Finance
Post Box 8486
Ashok Vihar-II
Delhi – 110052
Phone: 011-27451212

44.Indian Institute of Information Technology
Deoghat, Jhalwa
Allahabad – 211012
Phone: 0532-2430006, 0539-2922178

45.Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management
Management House
College Square (West)
Kolkata – 700073
Phone: 033-22191684/22418694

46.Institute of Engineering & Management
Salt Lake Electronics Complex
Calcutta – 700091
Phone: 033-23578189/8908

47.Institute of Management Development & Research
DES Campus
Deccan Gymkhana
Pune – 411004
Phone: 020-25653186/25652754

48.Institute of Management Sciences
University of Lucknow
Lucknow – 226021
Phone: 0522-2740412, 2741012

49.Institute of Management Technology-Nagpur
35 KM Milestone, Mouza Dorli
Katol Road
Nagpur – 441502
Phone: 0712-2805591

50.Institute of public Enterprise
Osmania University Campus
Hyderabad – 500007
Phone: 040-27098060

51.Integrated Academy of Management and Technology
Adhyatmik Nagar, Delhi-Lucknow Highway (NH-24)
Udyog Kunj
Ghaziabad – 201009
Phone: 0120-2768951

52.Institute of Agri Business management
Rajasthan Agricultural University
Bikaner – 334006
Phone: 0151-2252981/82

53.Institute of Management
Nirma University of Science & Technology
S-G Highway
Ahmedabad – 382481
Phone: 02717-241900/01/02/04

54.Insitute of Management Education
G.T Road, Sahibabad
Ghaziabad – 201005
Phone: 0120-2621424

55.Institute of Management Technology
A-16, Site-3, UPSIDC
Industrial Area, Meerut Road
Ghaziabad – 201003
Phone: 0120-2705628

56.Institute of Petroleum Management, Gandhinagar
Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University
Gandhinagar – 382007
Phone: 079-23276911-14

57.INRECH Institute of Business Management
960, 24th Main, 38th Cross
4th ‘T’ Block, Jayanagar
Bangalore – 560041
Phone: 080-

58.International Institute for Special Education
Kanchana Bihari Marg
Off Ring Road, Via Kalyanpur
Lucknow – 226022
Phone: 0522-2751066

59.International Management Institute (IMI Delhi)
B-10, 30 & 31, Qutab Institutional Area
Tara Crescent
New Delhi – 110016
Phone: 011-26529240

60.International School of Management Excellence
CAP-1, Export Promotion Industrial Park
Near ITPL, Whitefield
Bangalore – 560066
Phone: 080-65606200/6300

61.ITM Business School
Plot 25 & 26, Sector-4
Navi Mumbai – 410210
Phone: 022-27742793/98

62.International School of Business & Research
(ISBR Business School)
No.62, Electronics City, Phase-I
Opp. Electronics city Post office
Bangalore – 560100
Phone: 080-41668111/222

63.Invertis Institute of Management Studies
Invertis Village
Bareilly – Lucknow National Highway-24
Bareilly – 243123
Phone: 0581-2460442/443

64.Jaipuria Institute of Management
Vineet Khand
Lucknow – 226010
Phone: 0522-2394296/2398096

65.Jaipuria Institute of Management
1 Bambala Institutional Area
Pratap Nagar, Sanganer
Jaipur – 302033
Phone: 0141-2771330-33

66.Jagan Institute of Management Studies (JIMS Rohini)
3, Institutional Area
Sector-5, Rohini
Delhi – 110085
Phone: 011-27042284, 27042296

67.Jaipuria Institute of Management
Plot No. A-32A
Noida – 201307
Phone: 0120-2403850-54, 2403379-81

68.JK Padampat Singhania Institute of Management & Technology
Damdama Lake Road
Bhondsi Village, Tehsil: Sohna
Dist: Gurgaon
Phone: 0124-4268031,4267641

69.KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research
Phone: 022-66449300/66449350

70.Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies
Harihar – 577602
Phone: 08192-241269/241483

71.K R Mangalam Global Institute of Management
S-Block, Greater Kailash-II
New Delhi – 110048
Phone: 011-29219274/9810534726

72.Kohinoor Business School & Centre for Management Research
Old Pune – Mumbai Highway
Pune – 410301
Phone: 02114-269230

73.Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management
Shastri Sadan, Sector-III
R.K. Puram
New Delhi – 110022
Phone: 011-26191081/26172407

74.Lotus Institute of Management
16 KM Stone, Bareilly-Lucknow Road
P.O. Rajau
Bareilly – 243123
Phone: 05821-231364

75.Lal Bahadur Shasti Institute of Management & Technology
29, Theatre Road
Bareilly – 243001
Phone: 0581-2429203/205

76.Lovely Professional University
Jalandhar-Ludhiana G.T.Road
Near Chaheru Railway Bridge
Phagwara – 144402
Phone: 01824-500701

77.Management Development Institute (MDI Gurgaon)
Post Box No. 60, Mehrauli Road
Gurgaon – 122001
Phone: 0124-4560800/4013050-61

78.National Institute of Bank Management
NIBM Post Offfice
Kondhwe Khurd
Pune – 411048
Phone: 020-26831584

79.National Institute of Technology Calicut (NIT Calicut)
NIT Campus P.O..
Calicut – 673601
Phone: 0495-2286100

80.National Power Training Institute (NPTI Faridabad)
NPTI Complex
Phone: 0129-2275448

81.Nanyang Business School
Nanyang Techonlogical University
Nanyang Avenue
Singapore – 639798
Phone: (65) 67905622

(Nanyang Singapore, one of Asia's finest B-Schools, is accepting CAT 2008 scores for admission to its MBA programme)

82.National Institute of Technology (NIT)
Thiruchirappalli – 620215
Phone: 0431-2503001

83.National Insurance Academy
Balewadi, Baner Road
Pune – 411045
Phone: 020-27204000/4444

84.New Delhi Institute of Management
60-61, Tughlakabad Institutional area
New Delhi – 110062
Phone: 011-29956566-68

85.Pearl School of Business
46, Institutional Area
S 32
Gurgaon – 122001
Phone: 0124-427500

86.Proton Business School
Narayan Kothi
Race Course Road
Indore – 452003
Phone: 0731-3245424, 3245425

87.S D M Institute for Management Development
No.1, Chamundi Hill Road
Siddarthanagar Post
Mysore – 570011
Phone: 0821-2429722/9161

88.S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR)
Munshi Nagar, Dadabhai Road
Andheri (West)
Mumbai – 400058
Phone: 022-26237454

89.School of Management Science
P.O. Bachhaon
Varanasi – 221011
Phone: 0542-2271771, 3259266

90.Shobhit University
NH – 58
Meerut – 250110
Phone: 0121-2575091/92

91.Sri Mata Vaishno Devi University
Post Office: Katra
Katra (Jammu & Kashmir) – 182301
Phone: 01991-285687/285524

92.School of Management Studies (SMS)
University of Hyderabad
P.O. Central University
Hyderabad – 500046
Phone: 040-23135000/23011091

93.Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering and Management
Faizabad Road
Lucknow – 227105
Phone: 0522-2815015-16

94.Suryadatta Group of Institutes
2074, Sadashiv Peth
Vijayanagar Colony
Pune – 411030
Phone: 020-24336000/24330425/35

95.T.A. Pai Management Institute (populary referred to as TAPMI)
Manipal – 576104
Phone: 0820-2570361/2571358

96.Thiagarajar School of Management
Pamban Swamy Nagar
Phone: 0452-2484099

97.The Business School
University of Jammu
Jammu – 180006
(Jammu & Kashmir)
Phone: 0191-2430133, 2435529

98.University Business School
Panjab University
Chandigarh – 160014
Phone: 0172-2541591/2534709

99.University School of Management
Kurukshetra University
Kurukshetra – 136119
Phone: 01744-238565

100.University of Petroleum & Energy Studies
SCO 9-12, Sector-14
Near HUDA Office
Gurgaon – 122007
Phone: 0124-4240300

101.Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management
Vignana Jyothi Nagar
Bachpally, Via Kukatpally
Hyderabad – 500072
Phone: 040-23044901/23044902
Fax: 040-23044953

102.VIT Business School
VIT Universtiy
Vellore – 632014
Phone: 0416-2202157/2125
Fax: 0416-2245544

That a B-School accepts CAT scores admission to its MBA/Other PG Programmes is not an indicator of the quality of the B-School. Please check with other reliable sources before applying to any B-School.

Monday, August 04, 2008

List of Institutes accepting CAT 2008 Scores - 1

1. Accurate Institute of Management & Technology
Plot No. 49

Knowledge Park – III
Greater Noida - 201306
Phone: 0120-2328234-35
Fax: 0120-2320355

2. Algol School of Technology
Behind Sector 34 Marble Market
Sector – 34
Gurgaon – 122001
Phone: 0124-3212001

3. Amrita School of Business
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University
Ettimadai P.O.
Coimbatore – 641105
Phone: 0422-2656422
Fax: 0422-2656422

4. Aravali Institute of Management
Marwar Bhawan
Polo No.2, Paota

Jodhpur – 342006
Phone: 0291-2550070/255356
Fax: 0291-2543600

5. Asian School of Business Management (ASBM)
Shiksha vihar

Barang-Khurdha Road, Chandaka
Bhubaneswar – 754005
Phone: 0671-2111204/207/208
Fax: 0674-2111205

6. AICAR Business School
Village Damat
Neral, Karjat
Raigad – 410101
Phone: 02148-236714-20
Fax: 02148-236713

7. Alliance Business Academy
19th Cross, 7th Main
BTM-II Stage, N.S. Palya

Bangalore – 560076
Phone: 080-26681444
Fax: 080-26684137

8. Apeejay School of Management
Dwarka Institutional Area

New Delhi – 110075
Phone: 011-25363979/81
Fax: 011-25363985

9. Army Institute of Management
Judges Court Road
Opp. Alipore Telephone Exchange, Alipore
Kolkata – 700027
Phone: 033-24398335/37/38/24794494
Fax: 033-24794929

10. Asia-Pacific Institute of Management ‘
4, Institutional Area
Jasola (Opp. Sarita Vihar)

New Delhi – 110025
Phone: 011-42094800 (30 lines)
Fax: 011-26951541

11. Bharathidasan Institute of Management
M.H.D. Campus
BHEL Complex
Tiruchirappalli – 620014
Phone: 0431-2520796/502
Fax: 0431-2520733

12. BLS Institute of Management
Opp. Mohan Meakins Factory
Mohan Nagar

Ghaziabad – 201007
Phone: 0210-2658405, 2657654
Fax: 0120-2657714

13. Birla Institute of Management Technology
Plot No. 5
Knowledge Park–II
Greater Noida (NCR) – 201306
Phone: 0210-2323001-10
Fax: 0120-2323022/25

14. Calcutta Business School
11, Lord Sinha Road
Kolkata – 700071
Phone: 22427488/22821450
Fax: 22826350

15. Center for Management Training & Research
CMTR Campus, Khanpur
P.O. Textile Colony, Kharar
Distt: Mohali – 140301
Phone: 0160-5009000
Fax: 0160-2282493

16. College of Agribusiness Management
G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology
Pantanagar – 263145
Phone: 05944-233884

17. Chandragupt Institute of Management Patna (CIMP)
Hindi Bhavan
Chhajubagh, Post Box No.42

Patna – 800001
Phone: 0612-2200453
Fax: 0612-2200453

18. Cosmic Business School
B-1/E-II, Mohan Co-operative Indl. Estate

Mathura Road
New Delhi – 110044
Phone: 011-40520815-816
Fax: 011-26945323