Saturday, December 27, 2008

Learn A New Language

It's the age of global placements - you might be studying at IIM Ahmedabad but may end up taking up a job with a Spanish MNC. In such a scenario, if you can learn Spanish beforehand, itre can truly add vital value to your resume making it that much more attractive for potential recruiters.
Transparent Language is one of the world's leading providers of language learning softwares for individual learners as well as instiutions. More than 12,000 schools and colleges (USA) already use products from Transparent. And for good reason - while English has been and is still the world's dominant language of business, a good number of students are finding out that the knowledge of an additional language helps. Chinese, for example is fast gaining popularity because of the rise of China and its increasing clout over the world economy. If you want to do business with the Chinese, it makes a lot of sense then, to learn Chinese . You would stand a much better chance of effectively communicating with the business heads in Beijing, and which corporate house would not like to recruit an executive who can speak fluent Mandarin, or even understand it.
Check out the Transparent website and start with exploring their free resources - maybe you can get initiated by playing 'language games'. For instance, if your objective is to learn Italian, you can begin by checking out the 'Italian Games and Learning' section. Word Seek, for example, is a fun way to build up your Italian vocabulary.
There is lots more - if you are keen, head out to the Transparent site - spend a few minutes exploring the various offerings and features, and take it further from there.

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