Thursday, November 19, 2009

When should I join the CAT Coaching classes?

Thousands of students ponder getting ready for the CAT ponder over and over again this one simple question: Should I join the CAT Coaching classes in November/December/January or after my exams in May/June? There is one simple, and best answer: Join Early. Let me explain why:
If you decide to join in May/June, and then realize that it was a bad decision you cannot correct the decision. You will either keep ruing your decision, or decide to take a serious attempt at CAT in the following year. Either ways, it is a loss.
On the other hand if you join your coaching classes early, and you are unhappy with the decision, you can always ask for a transfer to a batch starting in May/June. Most CAT Prep institutes that I know of won't charge you anything extra for this, and will be happy to accommodate this simple request of yours. The only thing you need to check out for is if there is a difference in the fee for students joining in Decemer as against someone joining in May. Generally, you will not find a difference in fee as the course content remains the same - the coaching institutes provide an accelerated programmes to students joining later. Even if there is a small difference, it is worth taking the risk - there is just too much at stake.