Friday, July 20, 2007

Tackling the MOCK CAT 2007

It's that time of the year again, when CAT aspirants get ready to start tackling the battery of CAT-like tests administered by various coaching institutes across the country. For those of you preparing for CAT 2007 or XAT 2008 or any of the many other MBA Entrance Tests, here go a few suggestions:
1. These tests are important no doubt - whether you are taking at a centre or at home from your study material, but be careful. These tests are just that - tests. A test is supposed to help you evaluate where you stand, you get an idea of the yields of your preparation efforts and it also helps you identify your strengths & weaknesses. Once these objectives have been achieved, please move on ahead. Get back to your books and work on the deficiencies. Don't keep taking tests after tests. ( A maximum of 2 a week, i'd think )
2. Should you find after Test 1 that there are too many areas that you have no clue about, then the test has served its job. Go back to your basic material/fundamental books , Part 1 or Part A or whatever else you were using - immediately. Forget all about tests. First get your basics in place, because if that ain't there, even God may not be able to help you - so what can a test do?
3. Do spend some time evaluating your efforts, once you get the results. That's where the value of the test lies - remember these tests are only mock, so they are but stepping stones to the real thing.
4. While you will obviously work on your deficiencies, don't forget the strength areas completely. Keep doing a few questions from them from time to time and be in touch with them. Giving any topic a 2-3 month break is never a good idea.
5. Chill. It can do wonders!