Saturday, March 03, 2007

Earn an Online Degree

Wouldn't you like to prefix a degree against your name, that too from the Kaplan University or the University of Phoenix? That too sitting at home!
EarnMyDegree.Com presents an opportunity for working adults to advance their careers by earning a degree. While there are quite a few quality online programmes to choose from, you may also opt from one of many campus opportunities as well - without ever having to give up on your current assignment.
1. Hundreds of online degree programmes to choose from
- Associate, Bachelor's, Master's, MBA, Doctoral, & Certification Programs
( Even within programmes you can choose from a long list of subjects - to name a few, Business, Criminal Justice, Legal, Nursing, Religious Studies, Science and Maths. You can further drill down on each subject area - say within Business, you may go for Marketing/E-business/Accoutning/Finance.)

2. Convenience - You decide when and where to take your classes

3. Fast - Earn a degree online in as little as ten months

4. Financial Assistance - Flexible financial aid options
As for those looking for assistance or information on Online Educational Programmes, this place has compiled all required information for you. Just check the Online Education Learning Centre for yourself.
Earnmydegree also helps you find out whether a certain career option suits you. For example, Should you go for Criminal Justice as a career option? Without going in for a full-fledged psychometric analysis, they have tried to help you find out at a basic level whether this career would appeal to you. There's also a separate section devoted to Online Military Education.
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