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B-School Ranks: Top US Business Schools

United States B-School Rankings : Top Schools for your MBA

Rank 1: Wharton, University of Pennsylvania
( Rank 1 in Financial Times B-School Rankings and Rank 2 in Business Week Top MBA Schools 2007)
Wharton, founded in 1881, besides being the best place to do your MBA in the US is also the best in the world। This school places emphasis on solid grounding in the basis principles of management and as such the first years’s curriculum provides an intensive foundation in general management skills. Students can choose from a variety of dual and joint degree programmes.

Average GMAT Score = 713
GMAT score range = 660 - 760
No. of full-time MBA enrollments: 800
Percentage of female students = 36%
Percentage of Asian students = 22%
Average age of student = 28 years
Average work-experience = 5.8 years
Application Fee = 215 $ (Credit card only)

Rank 2: The Stanford Graduate School of Business
Stanford Graduate School of Business offers an MBA Program that is a two-year, full-time residential program, focusing on the academic facets of general business management, a Ph. D Program and the Stanford Sloan Program, a ten-month general management program for mid-career executives, leading to a master of science in management.

Average GMAT Score = 711
GMAT score range = 530-800
(GRE score may be accepted in lieu of GMAT score)
No. of full-time MBA enrollments: 749
Percentage of female students = 32%
Percentage of Asian students = 11%
Average age of student = 28 years
Average work-experience = 4 years
Application Fee = 245$ (Credit card preferable though you may pay through checks and money orders in US currency)

Rank 3. Harvard Business School
This home of the “case-study” method of teaching offers a two-year, full-time program that starts in the fall with the summer off between the first and second year. Harvard also offers a number of short-term courses for working executives.

Average GMAT Score = 707
GMAT score range = 600-800 ( TG Guessestimate)
No. of full-time MBA enrollments: 907
Percentage of female students = 35%
Percentage of Asian students = 10-14%
Average age of student = 27 years
Application Fee = 237 $ ( by credit card only)
Average Work Experience = 4 years 6 months
( No minimum work-experience criteria)

Rank 4. MIT Sloan School of Management
Sloan offers a Full Time MBA and Executive Programs. Sloan offers a Doctoral Program leading to PhD in management and an
Undergraduate Program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Management.

Average GMAT Score = 702
GMAT score range (middle 80% range) : 640 - 760
No. of full-time MBA enrollments: 328
Percentage of female students = 31%
Percentage of Asian students = 23%
Average age of student = 27.9 years
Average Work-experience = 5 years
Application Fee = 230$ (payable by credit card only)

Rank 5. Kellogg School of Management
Kellogg School of Management offers full-time, part-time, executive and international executive MBA programs. Kellogg is organized into six academic departments and each area offers individual Doctoral Programs

Average GMAT Score = 703
GMAT score range (74% of students) = 650-740
No. of full-time 2 yr MBA enrollments: 506
Percentage of female students = 38%
Percentage of Asian students = 28%
Average age of student = 32%
Average Work experience = 5.2 years
Application Fee = $ 225

Other Top Business Schools in the United States:

- GSB, University of Chicago
(Rank 1 in Business Week Top MBA School Rating)

- University of Columbia
(Rank 2 in Financial Times Top B-Schools 2007)

- Dartmouth College, Tuck

- New York University – Stern

- Yale School of Management
(FT B-School Rank 2007: 10)

Unless mentioned, the data given is for the full-time MBA program in each college. Wherever possible, we have tried to use the official websites and the prospectus as the source for the information, else we have employed other credible sources. However, we suggest that before taking a decision, you cross-check this information with at least one more source. Most of the data given above is dynamic and may change within a given range over a period of time.

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