Thursday, May 03, 2007

Make money from your blog

I started this blog about just under a year back. While it's a great feeling to be running a site which is visited and read by hundreds of MBA aspirants, I always had this feeling that if i could put in more time and effort into the site, maybe i could provide more value to my readers. However, the constraints of a living force one to do only so much. I was constantly looking for ways to monetize my blog, and have been very happy to find one good potential source of revenue for this blog. It's called Bloggerwave and if you run a blog too, I would suggest you to check it out.

The process is simple: You register at BloggerWave, then you can choose from the review options available at the site, do the reviews that you want on your site and get paid for it. In case you are confused, a review is like a 'product description' or your opinion of a new site/product/service. Advertisers want to market their product, and through your blog, they have a platform to get talking to your readers. Your blog is a media vehicle like any other website or televison channel or newspaper - and just like they get paid for doing an ad or talking about a product, you too. Isn't that nice, and good?


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