Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rajiv Gandhi IIM Shillong: An anomaly

Rajiv Gandhi IIM Shillong
As a marketing communications professional, I pay a little more than average attention to things like ad copies, headline, logos et cetera. Most logos flummox me no end. Try hard as I may, their original meaning is almost always indecipherable. Yes, I might be creative enough to provide a wonderfully sensible sounding meaning to the logo. But did my 'imagination' match the 'imagination' of the creator, well, that's a different ballgame! Can you guess what the IIM Shillong logo signifies?

" The Logo heavily uses the color and the imagery from nature like the sun, the sky and the mountains. The portrayal of the sun with its rays spreading across in the half circle above gives a feeling of progress and light. The curves in yellow within the round give a shape of the mountain, where the institute is situated. The blue color stands for the sky. The definite linear lines at the bottom of the circle show energy can be channelized. This can also be compared to the skill of the students, which would be enhanced and guided properly. " (source: Wikipedia)

If you guessed that accurately, don't forget to give yourself a big pat in the back. You have a bright, imaginative future ahead!
The IIM logos, with the exception of Ahmedabad, are invariably sarkari looking, dull creations. So, I was hardly surprised to see what the new IIM Shillong dished out. Just look at that hideous logo again - shudders! Shillong is a breathtakingly beautiful place; the institute itself, set amidst tall, stunning pines looks most pretty. Why then such an unaesthetic symbol for such a lovely institute. Why the sun in the logo, for an IIM located in a place known more for its cloud bursts than a fiery sun. Wouldn't that be more apt for IIM Jaisalmer, whenever that happens!

The very pretty IIM Shillong

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