Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Understanding / Reading the IIM CAT Score card

Based on information collected from various sources and studying the IIM Common Admission Test score-cards of a few students, including Nihalani Aarti Vijay Kumar's, we arrived at the following results: ( In case you are wondering, Aarti is the national CAT topper with a 100 percentile score )

Important change: Unlike last year, the percentage scores mentioned for each section this year are a percentage of the maximum score in the section. Last year, the percentage score indicated your score divided by the sectional toppers score. So this year, you can actually calculate your absolute score. Just keep this in mind - though each section had a maximum of 100 marks (25 questions x 4 marks ), the IIMs will keep out the questions which had errors out of the calculation.

You may use the following table for your reference: ( in order - section 1, 2,3)
Set 111 - 25, 25, 23

Set 222 - 25, 25, 24
Set 333 - 25, 25, 23
Set 444 - 25, 24, 24

For example, if your score card says 78.33 % for section 3 ( Set 444), it means you have scored 68 marks in that section. ( Set 444 had 24 questions considered for section 3 and 68/96 is equal to 78.33 percent)

I am reproducing the score card of Arti / Aarti Nihalani for your reference:
LR(Percentage Score) 65 DI/LR(Percentile Score) 99.8 Verbal(Percentage Score) 53 Verbal(Percentile Score) 99.97 Quantitative Ability(Percentage Score) 78.125 Quantitative Ability(Percentile Score) 99.82 Total(Percentage Score) 65.375 Total(Percentile Score) 100

Another thing: the total percentage is calculated slightly differently, it's the average of the 3 sectional percentages. You can check using the above scorecard. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

can u pls let me know how many ppl have got 100 % percentile this year ? Apparently there are at least 5 ppl. Is it true ? I know at least two more ppl who have got more than 65.375

Amit Bajaj said...

technically at least 18-19 ppl should be on 100 Percentile ( assuming around 1.8-1.9 lakh ppl wrote the cat and the iims have announced percentiles upto 2 decimal places, if it's 3 percentile it will drop to 2 only)

what is the big thing about 65.375??

Anonymous said...

65.375 is the score that u have mentioned about Aarti Nihalani. (right above your comment)
Thanks anyway. i was under the impression that about 4-5 ppl get it each year as told to by some PT guy

Anonymous said...

This year 8 ppl got 100%ile. Highest raw score being 203.88 and the lowest around 191.

percentiles above 99.995 are rounded off to 100. Since this year 1,76,000 took the test there would be 8 ppl above 99.995+%ile ~100

Palanivel Raja said...
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Anonymous said...

How CAT scores are Calculated