Sunday, September 09, 2007

Is your target called "CAT 2008"?

Of all the problems faced by you and your rivals preparing for CAT 2008 the one that is the most illogically problematic is this: Is it too early to start studying for the CAT that will only happen in November 2008, much more than a year away? There will be the smart-alecs in your college who will try and run you down - tell you that the CAT is no more than a 3-4 month game, that you are being foolishly 'book-wormish'!! I have just one bit of advice for you to give to this mates of yours: BUZZ OFF. ( and it is for the sake of decorum that i have replaced one of the words in that 2-word advise!)

Only one person should decide when you should begin preparations for things in your life: whether it's marriage, life-insurance plan, raising kids, or even the small matter of CAT 2008!! So if you think that you need to start early, congratulations on your decision. Now stop bothering yourself about the wisdom of that decision - don't seek any advice from anyone - not from those idiots at college, nor from the bigger ones at the coaching institutes! Just go get yourself a study plan for the 14 months ahead and BEGIN: we will look at the 'study-plan' bit in the next post, so do come back soon. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Just two words: THANK YOU. :)

mohit said...
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Anonymous said...

where is your post on "study plan"?

Anonymous said...

The promised study plan please