Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Reproductions from my columns in the Education Times - 1

To get a call from a top b-school, I need atleast 90 percentile with sectional cut-offs as well. However, I have been consistently struggling between 70 and 80 percentiles. What can I do in the remaining time?
( Arjun Arya, Dehradun)

Most students reach a peak-performance level in the late September-October period. However, this peak maybe a function of your knowledge and knowledge-appication levels and not the final summit. If you seemed to have hit such a plateau, spend some time analysing your past performances. Often students tend to not attempt or make mistakes in questions from a common topic. For example, you will find that you have been avoiding pie-charts regularly or have been getting lots of questions from permuations & combinations wrong. Now your task is to select and work on 1-2 such areas, so that you have a new knowledge-area to score from. These are a few additional tips for you, but use them cautiously, and only if it suits your particular requirement.

1. To attempt these additional questions, you will need to find out some additional time as well. This can only come by reducing the time you have been taking to answer the other questions. So while analysing your past papers, you need to look out for the questions which have been eating up too much time. You need to find out faster ways to solve them or weed out some if needed.

2. An average student attempts 3 out of 5 RC passages. Try and see if you can run through passage 4 or 5 very quickly after reading the questions first. Your objective is to answer only the easiest 2 questions. Experiment with these a few times before you try it out in the real world. If it's not working for you, you will be better off avoiding this tactic

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