Saturday, November 18, 2006

Reproductions from my columns in the Education Times - 5

Post the CAT, one is not left with too much time for preparations for the GD & Interviews. Should I start right away then?

You are right about the lack of time for preparations for GD & Interview after the CAT. Plus you will in all likelihood also preparing for some of the other entrance tests. What you could do now for the second stage of the selection process is:
1. Regulary read at least one English newspaper and one Business daily. It is however preferable to read two general dailies as this will help you get different points of views on the same topic. Often the GDs & Interviews are not so much a direct test of your knowledge like a quiz, but a place to voice your opinions on matters of national & global matters, specially from the world of business. Whatever views you may hold forth, if you could back it up with substantial reasoning, is highly appreciated. In the GDs you might face counter-questions on points you raised. Even though you may not agree with the opinions of one of the newspapers, but one of the other participants may do. In such a scenario, tackling his/her arguments will be easier if you have a good idea about the other opinion(s).
Must read:
- Page 1
- Editorials
- Edit Page columns
- Business Pages
- Sports Page/s
- News n articles from areas which you may have mentioned as your areas of interest

2. Swap some of the sit-coms that you are watching with News channels. TV can be a good source of passive information acquisition. If you are not very comfortable reading your Economic Times, you may start off with one of the business channels. Choose any one that you may fancy.

3. Do a quick run through lots of political and business magazines. Spend time on areas which you may think are likely gd/interview topics. Formulating a list of such topics is not very difficult. Take help from friends and classmates.

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